InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, has carved out a significant niche in the realm of helping inventors bring their ideas to life. With a robust suite of services designed to guide the inventor through every stage of the invention process, InventHelp stands as a comprehensive resource for those looking to navigate the complex journey from concept to marketplace. Let’s see what do InventHelp’s services consist of?

Idea Development Support

The genesis of every great invention is a unique idea. However, transforming that idea into a tangible product or service requires a well-thought-out plan. InventHelp assists inventors in refining and developing their ideas to enhance their marketability and feasibility. This includes offering feedback, helping to define the invention’s unique selling points, and suggesting improvements or modifications that could make the idea more appealing to potential investors or licensees.

Patent Assistance

One of the core services of InventHelp is providing assistance in obtaining patent protection for inventions. Understanding and navigating the patent system can be challenging for inventors. InventHelp connects inventors with patent attorneys or agents to help them prepare and file a U.S. patent application. This legal assistance is crucial in securing intellectual property rights, which protect the inventor’s idea from being copied or used without permission.

Prototype Development

A prototype is a preliminary model of an invention, used to demonstrate its functionality or design to potential backers or consumers. InventHelp offers prototype development services, helping inventors create a physical or digital model of their invention. This can be an invaluable tool in securing investments or partnerships, as it allows potential stakeholders to see the invention in action and understand its benefits firsthand.

Market Research and Analysis

Before launching an invention into the market, it’s essential to understand the competitive landscape and target audience. InventHelp conducts market research and analysis to provide inventors with insights into market trends, potential competitors, and consumer needs. This information can guide inventors in refining their products, identifying the most viable market segments, and developing effective marketing strategies.

Marketing and Publicity

Bringing an invention to the public’s attention requires strategic marketing and publicity efforts. InventHelp offers services aimed at generating exposure for inventors and their inventions. This includes creating press releases, leveraging social media channels, and presenting products at invention trade shows. These marketing initiatives can help inventors attract interest from media, retailers, and potential investors.

Licensing and Negotiation

For many inventors, licensing their invention to a company is a desirable path to commercialization. InventHelp assists in this process by helping inventors identify potential licensing partners and negotiate licensing agreements. This includes advising on terms, royalties, and other critical aspects of a licensing deal. InventHelp’s expertise can be invaluable in ensuring that inventors secure favorable terms that reflect the value of their innovation.

Post-Patent Support

InventHelp’s commitment to inventors doesn’t end once a patent is granted or a licensing deal is secured. The company offers ongoing support, including advice on manufacturing, distribution, and sales strategies. This continuous assistance helps inventors navigate the post-patent landscape, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities to maximize the success of their inventions.

Educational Resources

InventHelp is dedicated to educating inventors about the invention process. Through workshops, seminars, and access to online resources, inventors can learn about patenting, marketing, prototype development, and more. This educational component empowers inventors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions throughout the journey of bringing their invention to market.


InventHelp’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses everything an inventor could need to transform a raw idea into a market-ready product. From initial development and patenting to marketing and beyond, InventHelp offers a one-stop solution for inventors seeking guidance and support. By leveraging InventHelp’s expertise, inventors can navigate the complexities of the invention process with confidence, focusing on their creative pursuits while leaving the logistical challenges to the professionals.

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